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Shopping online now becomes a trend

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Shopping online now becomes a trend

Shopping online now becomes a trend

Consumers around the country have been sheltering in place for months and taking most of their shopping online—and the trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, more consumers have shopped online since physical stores started re-opening than did when stores were still closed. The trend shows that online shopping growth isn’t going away and that brands need to re-assess their digital offerings to create the best experience possible.

More Consumers Buy Online As Stores Start To Reopen

A new survey from PYMNTS found that nearly 36% of U.S. consumers are now buying retail goods online, compared to 29% doing so in mid-April when most brick-and-mortar stores were closed. The same is true for consumers ordering from restaurants online, even though many restaurants have started to open with more widespread dining options. The survey found 21% of consumers are now ordering online from restaurants, up from 13% in mid-April.

And those numbers are likely to stay steady or increase before they start to go down. The same survey found that the average consumer doesn’t expect the pandemic to end until February 2021, meaning that retailers have at least eight months of increased online orders.

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